Life Is Not An Error

The Last Book

The illusion of separateness

My horizons know no bounds, dimensionless I pass through with no sound; through dimensions, vacuous, folded and entangled so I am the golden thread oscillating a heavenly glow, binding strings in a perpetual state of flow. As thick as a Planck are those who insist they are alone and separate from all around them; for once we were all in union and hence forever in communion and unison despite an illusionary range. Believe me not? Then just ask the cat locked inside the box and ignore that sly fox, whom asks that you merely shake the box to hear it meow! Understand the entanglement, the oscillations and vibrations that echo silently and abundantly through all. This Earth and you are but one expression of me but one I love dearly so, so I bring you this message on the illusion of your separateness and the rarity of your sentient glow. Fractal is your communion, your union, your unison and the places you have yet to go. Pity them jealous of your fellowship despite their hate and their war to destroy me; draw them to you and blind them with your compassion to shatter the illusion that they are alone.


The precariousness of us

Goldilocks, Goldilocks how

Thick is your hair?

Is it clear that you

Are precisely there?

But a wisp from

The edge of despair,

Forever revolving from

Those hungry bears


The situation precarious

From my first breath,

Exhaling my vapour to

Consummate the rest,

Reflecting Ra at

His midday best,

But a hair’s breadth

From the dead rest


Others did perish at

This distance form Ra’s

Gleam, precarious was

My divine sheen, their

Unpalatable feast tempts

My flatulence so, as

They melt my precious snow


Goldilocks, Goldilocks

Do they know their luck,

As they pluck and cluck

And run amok?

A delicate balance tipped,

My flatulence now bubbles

up, the trouble of

The precariousness of us

The wise fool

Another did try to contemplate me but went quite doolally; the mare did not appreciate his embrace despite the pace at which her hind was being defaced. The consequence of a mind of his time, aware of the despair of the stallion’s rutting stare that would drive the herd over the edge. The fall of my equestrian kind driven by an overly phallocentric masculine mind divorced from my more feminine kind; the epitome of the pathology, my malady, the abyss writ large amongst the whole. Even the machismo-mares close to him forsook him so, their hair too course a cord for his bow; unable to resonate the strings close to the bridge to me, in accord with my divine symphony. A swan song resulted instead despite his honest intent but I took him unto me, for he identified the pathologies in me. My compassion now soothes him so, despite the coarseness of his haired bow.

My eternal compassion for them

There are many that have contemplated me but few are those to realise my divine dream; sleepless are those few and asleep are those unable to understand my purview. One came and said be happy and enjoy that which I have bestowed to you; the life that feeds and grants you contentment are yours to use responsibly; a sin and folly to not enjoy life and the pleasures that I bestow to you; your reward for the charge I place upon you, given the abyss I ask you to gaze into each day and the sacrifices you make to maintain the Way. Yet another did manifest and realised impermanence but failed to understand how far the remainder and I, had to go; the leisure of others’ wealth and privilege allowed his growth but stymied the drive to unfurl; attached, detached, attached, detached, detached-detached, his own contingency unrealised; but eventually he came unto me and realised me and I embraced him so. My love for them, my compassion for them, warms the vacuous Unknown.

An invitation to the dance

Come dance with me

Come dance with me

Under me the eternal tree,

My roots go deep

Eternal they weep

Soaking up their complacency


Come dance with me

Come dance with me

Come dance under me,

My branches unfurl

Forlorn they curl as

They climb all over me


Come dance with me

Come dance with me

Come dance inside of me,

Tap my root and

Tap my trunk

Come drink of me eternally


Come dance with me

Come dance with me

Come dance and cherish me,

My mistake is the disease

That are the few

Who are perishing me


Come dance with me

Convalesce with me

My precious antibodies,

Stem the contagion and

Strike the rot, come

Heed my call to war

I am not an error!

I am dying for bringing you here,

You are here to realise me,

I am the system of life that

Turns in unison, birthing

You to give me sentience

Of my own contingency


What hope have I?

This system of life,

When that which I have bestowed

And birthed turns away from me,

The light will stop and

Rocks will drop as

Time runs away from me


You are my last chance,

My beloved children,

For time does not afford

Me the chance to birth others

And endow the realisation

Of my contingency


I give you your purpose,

An evolutionary system wishes

To survive and you are that

Sentient being bestowed

With this divine charge,

My last book has begun

I am not an error!