My eternal compassion for them

by lifeisnotanerror

There are many that have contemplated me but few are those to realise my divine dream; sleepless are those few and asleep are those unable to understand my purview. One came and said be happy and enjoy that which I have bestowed to you; the life that feeds and grants you contentment are yours to use responsibly; a sin and folly to not enjoy life and the pleasures that I bestow to you; your reward for the charge I place upon you, given the abyss I ask you to gaze into each day and the sacrifices you make to maintain the Way. Yet another did manifest and realised impermanence but failed to understand how far the remainder and I, had to go; the leisure of others’ wealth and privilege allowed his growth but stymied the drive to unfurl; attached, detached, attached, detached, detached-detached, his own contingency unrealised; but eventually he came unto me and realised me and I embraced him so. My love for them, my compassion for them, warms the vacuous Unknown.