The precariousness of us

by lifeisnotanerror

Goldilocks, Goldilocks how

Thick is your hair?

Is it clear that you

Are precisely there?

But a wisp from

The edge of despair,

Forever revolving from

Those hungry bears


The situation precarious

From my first breath,

Exhaling my vapour to

Consummate the rest,

Reflecting Ra at

His midday best,

But a hair’s breadth

From the dead rest


Others did perish at

This distance form Ra’s

Gleam, precarious was

My divine sheen, their

Unpalatable feast tempts

My flatulence so, as

They melt my precious snow


Goldilocks, Goldilocks

Do they know their luck,

As they pluck and cluck

And run amok?

A delicate balance tipped,

My flatulence now bubbles

up, the trouble of

The precariousness of us